Rzewuski's Manuscript

Sur les chevaux orientaux et provenants des races orientales


THE MOST important book of the Western world on Arab culture.

There are monuments of Polish literature, thanks to which Poland is known worldwide. Copernicus, Chopin and Rzewuski left behind a legacy valued on every continent, regardless of world trends. The latter is known that when describing the Arab culture – never before or since – presented in such details and in the context of the history of the Arabian horse, he made famous not only the country which he came from, but above all, the world of the Arabian Peninsula.

200 years have passed since Rzewuski began writing the fascinating history of the Arabian horse breeding. Therefore, Manuscriptum Publishing House took the effort to create a faithful, scientific copy (in the form of Jewelry Book) of one the most beautiful of the 3 volumes. This precious facsimile is covered in jewelry binding full of gold and gem stones, emphasizing the value of the original.

The original copy of this beautiful manuscript consists of 352 pages and 218,000 words contains 65 charming sketches of the Count and more than 100 other illustrations and maps. There’re a lot of portraits of Bedouin tribes in Arabia, its history, customs, culture and excellent description of the unique nomadic lifestyle. In total, more than 400 color drawings, which constitute a source of research on local culture and customs, which is also of great value for the Saudis. There are also notes, of Bedouin music 200 years old, as well as a list of some tribes. Today the Rzewuski’s manuscript is the heritage of the Arabian horse, a unique source of information for anyone interested in it.

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Facsimile specification

Number of pages: 169, Plus Inserted maps
Paper: 100 grams Fabriano - ribbed; 60 grams bulked paper
Binding: hand-coloured leather, elements plated with 24-carat gold, jewel embedded cover- gem stones: 36 Garnet Stones; 1 striped
flint; 12 Swarovski Crystals; 12 Lapis Lazuli; 20 Carnelian Stones.
Limited edition: 200 copies
Accessories: linen sack, gloves
ISBN – 978-83-65913-03-06