Christopher Columbus
Discovery of the New World


Document from THE MOST important journey of the world.

Christopher Columbus’ Journal - a manuscript by Bartolomé de Las Casasa The Journal describes the first trip to the New World in which Christopher Columbus went and it should be emphasized that, just as he is the most important source of knowledge about the discovery of America, it is also probably the most famous ship’s log of our civilization.

Columbus’ letter to the rulers of Spain
On February 15, 1493, while returning from his first voyage of discovery, while still aboard the La Niña caravel, Christopher Columbus wrote a letter that played a key role in spreading knowledge about his journey. Columbus’ Letter was the first known document to report the discovery of the “islands of India”.

Map of Christopher Columbus
In 1925, at the meeting of the International Congress of Geographers in Cairo, the famous French historian of exploration and cartography Charles de La Ronciere presented with great enthusiasm a sailing map, originally acquired by the French National Library in the 19th century, the authorship of which he attributed to Christopher Columbus.

Juan de la Cosa World Map
Map of the World made in 1500 by Juan de la Cosa - a Spanish cartographer and traveler, companion of Christopher Columbus in the first expedition, for which he rented his own ship - La Gallega, renamed Santa María. Juan participated as a pilot in both Columbus’ first and second expeditions.

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