Manuscriptum Publishing House

Manuscriptum is a luxury publishing house that combines tradition with modernity, benefiting from the cultural heritage of all the world. Our unique books are exceptional and unique piece of art, that cannot merely be called reproductions. They include bibliophilic rare manuscripts, incunables and other unique literary rarities with historical and collectible values. The pages of this centuries old originals reveal knowledge that many times has impacted the history of the world, it has altered the fate of entire nations and affected the collective consciousness of mankind inspiring people to change and to grow.

However, the passage of time takes no mercy on them. Therefore, they are closely guarded in university and national libraries, and only researchers and scholars have access to them. Manuscriptum dares to replicate them in excellent quality, embayed in jewellery binding to emphasize their value and unique character of the written word.

Let us present THE BIG FOUR….the four most important, most unique, most expensive and most mysterious manuscripts in the world that have their own anniversaries this year.

They are the objects of desire of many generations of people around our planet! The uniqueness and beauty makes them the real jewelry in every library!

Jump into amazing world of precious, mysterious, hand-made art, the art of the written word!

All in limited editions certified by lawyer! All published as scientific, artistic copies!

All exclusively made for connoisseurs, collectors, enthusiast of art, history and the real world heritage!