„De Revoluttionibus”

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The Most Important Scientific Book In The History Of Humankind

One of the most important and most valuable manuscripts in the World and the life work of
Nicolaus Copernicus, with a presentation of the heliocentric theory. Handwritten by the author, famous XVI-century Polish astronomer, in greek and latin. In 1999, the original work was entered into the UNESCO list “Memory Of The World” and is kept at the Jagiellonian Library in Cracow/Poland.

It has been 500 years since Polish astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus, had established his heliocentric theory. The discovery that the earth actually revolves around the sun was an enormous breakthrough in the history of mankind. This idea that the earth is not the center of the universe, was expressed long before Copernicus’ times, but it was only this great astronomer who proved it scientifically, in terms that could not be disputed.

Nicolaus Copernicus revolutionized science and the perception of the world from the historical
perspective. His work „On The Revolutions” concerned politics, science, religion and modern
philosophy by adapting the Copernican principle that the earth is in no way exceptional in the

The Fascimile

This book represents an ideal, scientific copy of the unique original. The most important manuscript in the mankind history that changed everything.

The jewel ornamented cover has been adorned in precious 24 carat gold. The frame of the cover: vesica piscis – is a reproduction of a medieval decorative motif. The portrait of Nicolaus Copernicus is hand painted in oil. It is decorated with over 320 gemstones. The meteorite stone, ornamenting the cover is Muonionalusta, found in Scandinavia in 1906 , the oldest ever found on earth – dating back to 4,6 billion years.


288 x 198 mm
Number of pages:
426, plus protective inserts
Ribbed, eco-friendly Corolla Classic White, 120g
Jewel embedded cover:
Adorned in 24-carat gold; over 320 gemstones (1 meteorite—Muonionalusta, turquoises, corals, malachites, lapis lazuli, sunstone and Swarovski crystals)
Limited edition:
99 copies, worldwide
Wooden old style book chest, linen sack, gloves, notarial certificate

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