The Beauty of Arabia

By Rzewuski

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The Manuscript

The original of this beautiful manuscript consists of 352 pages and 218,000 words, contains 65 charming sketches of the Count and more than 100 other illustrations and maps. There’re a lot of portraits of Bedouin tribes in Syria and Arabia, its history, customs, culture and excellent description of the unique nomadic lifestyle. In total, more than 400 color drawings, which constitute a source of research on local culture and customs. There are also notes of Bedouin music 200 years old, as well as a list of some tribes. Today the Rzewuski’s manuscript is the heritage of the Arabian horse, a unique source of information for anyone interested in the history of the Orient.

The Portfolio

The folder is a set of 11 specially selected, properly designed, colourful sketches prepared on the original hand made paper. Consits the most important and meaningful selection of drawings and map, to give the feeling of all the book.
I. The parts of Arabian horse – descriptions used by bedouins from Nejd desert
II. The list of bedouin tribes
II. Rzewuski on his hourse (Nejdieh Kocheileh el-Bedawieh Obeiet-el-Hamra Muftcachara)
IV. The page with Rzewuski’s sketches
V. Emir Rzewuski on Najd desert and his personal stamp of (Taj al-Fahr Abd al-Niszan)
VI. Arab Kuhejlan – bought by Rzewuski
VII. Air Bedouin – the nutes written by Rzewuski
VIII. Favourite horse of Muhammad Ali Mirza
XI. Arab Kuhejlan – dimensions given in „hands”
X. Travel route of Emir Rzewuski thru the Arabian Peninsula
XI. Map of Arabia with location of Bedouin tribes


21 x 30 cm
Handmade paper, special antiqued
Limited edition:
200 copies
Handmade, natural veal leather, original Manuscriptum stamp, cotton finishings inside

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