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The most interesting parts of Rzewuski’ Manuscript

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The Most Interesting Parts Of Rzewuski’ Manuscript

The original of this beautiful manuscript consists of 352 pages and 218,000 words, contains 65 charming sketches of the Count and more than 100 other illustrations and maps. There’re a lot of portraits of Bedouin tribes in Syria and Arabia, its history, customs, culture and excellent description of the unique nomadic lifestyle. In total, more than 400 color drawings, which constitute a source of research on local culture and customs. There are also notes of Bedouin music 200 years old, as well as a list of some tribes. Today the Rzewuski’s manuscript is the heritage of the Arabian horse, a unique source of information for anyone interested in the history of the Orient.

The Map

The map of The Holy Place of Mekka (dated 1818) is an integral and one of the most interesting parts of this manuscript. It is drawn in the Mekka and given as a gift to Beduin Emirs escorting the caravans of pilgrims, in the name of Sharif of Holly Area, year 1818.

The Map is in a big format with the drawings of al-Kaba and the area of al-Haram, detailed plan of the Mosque and The Black Stone.

The Map was bought in Jabal Arafat in 1818 during the pilgrimage to al-Kaba in Mekka by Emir Rzewuski, called Taj al-Fahr Abn al-Nishan, the Emir and Sheykh of the Beduins from the Deserts of Najd.

The Facsimile

This beautifull Map is a unique piece of the history and heritage of the region of Arabian Peninsula. 200 years have passed since Rzewuski began his fascinating journey and writing the story of the Arabian horse breeding.

Manuscriptum Publishing House took the effort to create a faithful, scientific copy of the Map of Mekka which seems to be the source of historical knowledge about this most important place for Islam and the world.


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