Celebrating the 600th Anniversary of the Manuscript’s creation

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The Most Mysterious Book Of The World

The Manuscript is the most mysterious manuscript in human history written in the beginning of XV century by unknow author in unknown language. Up today is considered as the most fascinating artifact. Consists 120 parchment pages filled with unknown language (35.000 words) with many incomprehensible illuminations, divided into 6 sections: botanic, astronomic, biologic, cosmologic, pharmaceutical and notes.Over the hundred years, it is a source of endless researches and scientific discussions of cryptologists, linguists and enthusiasts of mysteries.

First owner of the Manuscript was the alchemist Georg Baresch, who lived in Prague in the beginning of XII century. In present, the original is located in Beinecke Library at the Yale University in USA. 

It was named after the famous Polish antique dealer from New York, Michal Wojnicz. In 1912 he bought it from the Jesuit Mondragone Monastery in Frascati/Italy. Till today, we do not know too much about this unusual, mysterious Manuscript

The Replica

The Manuscript is the artistic, scientific copy of the original. Hand-made technics using a time-consuming and very precise methods of paper sculpturing, manual cutting and aging. The artist used a very complex methods to give the replica proper colour, smell and structure. This copy is an ideal projection of the artist, hoilding the spirit and original character of the manuscript.


Number of pages
23 x 16 cm
Pergamenata Fedrigoni
natural parchment covers, hand-sewing with cotton threads
fully manual, artistic
Limited edition
600 copies worldwide
wooden old-style book chest, gloves, notarial Certificate, hand-numbered natural leather wrapper with original wax stamp

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