Let us present THE BIG FOUR. The four most important, most exceptional, most expensive and most mysterious manuscripts in the world that this year will mark their own anniversaries.

The Most Important European Book About Arabic Culture

The first in The world encyclopedia about professional arabian horse breeding. Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Manuscript’s creation.

The Most Important Scientific Book In The History Of Humankind

Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Manuscript’s creation

The Most Expensive Book Int The World

Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo.

The Most Mysterious Book Of The World

Celebrating the 600th Anniversary of the Manuscript’s creation.

Other Works

The Map Of Mekka

The map of The Holy Place of Mekka (dated 1818) is an integral and one of the most interesting parts of Rzewuski’ Manuscript.

The Beauty of Arabia by Rzewuski

The folder is a set of 11 specially selected, properly designed, colourful sketches prepared on the original hand made paper.

The Card Of Blue Qu'ran

It is among the most famous works of Islamic calligraphy and has been called “one of the most extraordinary luxury manuscripts ever created”